I get alot of inquiries about what I feed, as there are so many different diets and theories on "raw feeding". It took quite awhile, but I finally found what really works
for my dogs, so that is what all of my dedicated families feed their dogs, as well. Right now, the puppies eat the same diet as the adult dogs ... but, they do not get
Triple Flex, nor do they get the Fish Oil gel caps during the ear posting process, as it tends to delay the firming of the ear cartilage. I do not support nor
recommend feeding this diet without ALL the components. I do not feed Echo (at 8.5 years of age), as much volume as the rest, and I would not feed this diet to
any dogs who are on treatment or maintenance medications without first consulting with your raw-diet-educated Veterinarian. For the extremely active dog, I cook
organic rice to add to the morning "grind" meal. And, of course, while meals are always adjusted according to the current situation, they are also always altered
during the gestation period for th bitch, and any time a dog is sick or under that care of a veterinariam.

Every Friday, I feed them a fish meal, (no, the dogs
are not practicing Catholics - haha):

1 can Jack Mackeral in brine
1 cup veggies
1 Tbls. Yogurt
pinch garlic
Vitamins and Supplements

similar to the trind meal, just a nice weekly change up
"Grind Meal"
1 Tbls. Yogurt
1-1.25 cups Veggies
1/2 crushed
Garlic clove
1-1.25 cups Grind

"Breeze Blend" (formerly known
as Babbitt Blend) recipe is
copyright protected, and has
patent pending.

Per 100 pounds:
   25 # Ground Chicken Necks
   25 # Ground Turkey Necks
   15 # Ground Sirloin
   35 # Ground Organ Meats
           15 # Beef Kidney
           10 # Beef Heart
             5 #  Liver
             5 # Tripe
** Originally, it was being privately
prepared for me by Green Valley
Meats, in Auburn, Washington. They
have not only stolen the formula with
my name attached, for profit without
permission, but have now altered the
formula and have not informed those
who THINK they know what they are
getting. PLEASE DO NOT depend on
that product being what I have told
you about here or elsewhere.
Additionally, what they used to charge
$1.70/$ for, they now are selling by
the hundreds of pounds each month
and are charging $3.29/# ... as soon
as the patent clears and we are
producing in quantity, I hope you will
consider coming directly to the
original source for this dietary plan !!!  

My favorites are::
Spinach,yams,Beets, green
beans, cauliflower, broccoli,
squash pumpkin, carrots, fruits
and melons

I rotate this part of the diet on a
weekly or monthly basis
depending on the seasons,
availability, and each dogs
needs. I like to use root
vegetables as well as
above-the-ground vegetable in
each breakfast meal and treat
source. Growing puppies
should  have gradual variety,
but consistency and weekly
dietary balance, above
everything else. My puppies
get more root-and melon
veggies than
above-the-ground veggies.  
For an ADULT dog who needs
to lean up, I do not suggest
dieting down (as a human
would), but instead, I
substitute the other
vegetables with pumpkin &
no-salt string beans ... and of
course, possible changes to
the conditioning program.
When boiling or blanching in
water, use the water to mash
the veggie in - tus saving the
cooked nutrients.

The majority of the dietary
supplements I feed come from
b-naturals.com, for canines, by

Daily Blend
Green Blend
Immune Blend

ost of the vitamins given to my
dogs are the same that I take,
and come from Costco:

Vitamin C
Fish Oil,
(not during ear posting)
Cranberry Extract
Ground Flax
(adult dogs)
Vitamin B, Folic Acid

during pregnancy, there are others
added to the nutrition plan but are
always given with the
recommendation of the veterinarian.

Bananas slices, canteloupe chunks, skinned apple bites, avocado,
baked liver bites, peanut butter, boiled boneless/skinless chicken,
string cheese, etc.

There are three "processed foods" I feed for training:
Great Bait Liver Bites
Natural Balance Beef Roll
Mini Marshmallows
Bread balls

If you are interested in being considered for one of the show prospect puppies available, ,
please begin by filling out the questionnaire, (below).
Email it to Kathy at
katoba13@gmail.com.  Please do not leave anything 'blank' on the form.
Kathy can be contacted at 253.312.4839.
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Vit.s & Supp.s

1/2 clove crushed garlic
is about 1/2 tspm of
garlic. You can also buy
organic garlic in olive
oil,  but read your labels
because some are in
xoynean oil... (BAD!!)
I do NOT use topical nor
systemive pest control
on my dogs - this works
for me.

2 heeping Tbls of plain
yogurt (no soy additives),
with each grind meal aid
is digestion as a natural
probiotic; is a good way of
supporting the GI &
Immune; enhances skin
and coat and helps to
prevent yeast and urinary
tract infections
"Boney Meal"
**never ... EVER ...  leave your dog unattended while serving the boney meal **
RAW Chicken Hindquarter

Half Femur Knuckle bone w/ marrow
Pork Shoulder w/ marrow

"Marrow Monday"
I feed the dogs on a 12 hour schedule; treats are used as reward or training only. i do not believe in challenge eating so as adults or older pups, they all eat in
separate spaces, but all at the same time. i document all feedings, so if a dog is not eating or is not eating with determination, i know something is not okay with
that dog. I like to keep foods frozen until the night before. The Grind is the only thing that absolutely never changes, and i do have a special gruel i feed to the
pups as they wean ... that said, this is a fairly good picture of the diet i feed to the dogs. My dogs are healthy, strong, athletic, and happy. I allow foods to thaw at
room temperature overnight to be fed in the morning. I NEVER warm up the foods other than to mix with a little warm water if they are still cold. If medication is
given to a dog for whatever reason, i give immediately prior to them eating their meal, if possible ... NEVER AFTER THE BONEY MEAL AS YOU DO NOT WANT
BELLY-O-BONES. i always wipe the dogs faces after they eat as this is raw food and if left to sit on the skin could irritate and cause infection or attract pests. Use
common sense and care no matter what or when you feed your dog.
Lastly, documenting their feeding schedule is as important as documenting their elimination and status.
If you have a canine health issue, this information is vitally important and can help the vet and lab technician a lot !!!!!
DO NOT BEGIN feeding this nutrition plan unless you are fully prepared ... once you have EVERYTHING you need for at least and entire week, THEN begin. My
suggestion is that you prepare a month in advance ... never get behind in prep and then it is an easy routine !!!
I do not recommend a gradually change - it is a diet change so it is going to clean out their systems of all the other GARBAGE that is in them anyway ... there is
no proper way to introduce a gradual change to this.
ENJOY ... i know your dog will ... and be proud that you are NOT feeding kibble !!!!
2-3  RAW Chicken Backs
*** I wean the puppies onto 1-2
chicken backs beginning at 3-4
weeks of age.
Raw Chicken Drums/Legs
**number of legs to be fed is
dependant upon size of drum, that
days activities, and dogs current