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Thank You for your interest in Katoba Dobermans
To be considered for a Katoba Doberman, now or in the future,
please read this page thoroughly, fill out the "questionnaire" (click below), and email it to Kathy at:
You may also contact Kathy by phone: 253.312.4839
***CERF Certificate specification:
Our dogs are CERF Certified one time,
and only re-certified per the recommendation of each dogs regular veterinarian,
OR at the option of each owner.
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2005 "Roller" Litter
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2007 "Emerald" Litter
"When you acquire a Katoba Doberman, you are not just getting a dog ...
... you are welcoming a new family member into your home."
Puppies go to their new homes with tails docked; dewclaws removed; nails trimmed; ears cropped & posted; AVID micro-chipped;
required vaccinations and vet care through date of transfer; early neurological stimulation completed; extensive socialization;
a puppy packet (copyrighted) containing: 5 generation pedigree, health certification, photos, nutritional instruction,
training and conditioning direction, health & testing literature; sire & dam documentation; introduction to crate, leash & house/potty training, and more.

No puppies will be released/transferred to anyone other than the actual buyer.
Puppies are ONLY shipped out of state/country with the breeder on board the commercial vessel.

As implied above, there are contractual requirements accompanying the purchase of a Katoba Doberman,
This is because our first concern will always be in the interest of trying to establish the best possible future for the dog/puppy.
We believe our puppies and their families will appreciate our attempts to be diligent and unwavering in our expectations.

We hope you will do right by every Doberman ~ by NOT obtaining a dog, (or ANY animal for that matter), from anyone other than
an ethical breeder
directly. We don't support obtaining animals from a pet store or retail sales, puppy mills, BYB's, PayPal puppies,
Volume breeders, Internet only sales, Auctions, Companies/Organizations/Agencies in the business of brokerage, wholesale,
or retail sales of puppies/dogs; or anyone who does not breed within a Recognized Code of Ethics.
Doing so only harms the safety, future, and integrity of the well-bred & health-tested, quality purebred canine.

We do NOT endorse, support, or in any way participate in the breeding, advertising, or sales of the white/albino/z-factored Dobermans.
Because I care about the welfare of EVERY  Katoba Doberman, signing a contract with me, confirms your agreement to complete canine health testing in the following areas  ...
... by contract, this include those dogs considered for breeding, as well as all companion dogs:

VetGen DNA - von Willebrand's
CERF ***
MSU Thyroid panel
OFA Cardiac Test & cardiac DNA
OFA or PennHip Hips X-rayed
full CBC / blood labs
(the above is subject to additions, without notice)

When contemplating a breeding, I consider many factors of both potential parents.
My goal is to better my line with each breeding, based on my study, involvement and understanding of my prior breedings.
I  focus on the betterment of the breed of Doberman, by producing dogs that I hope, through my individual vision and effort, will present with potential for:

Sound Temperament
Health Detailing
Conformation Integrity
Performance & Workability
Complimentary Pedigrees
Katoba's approval process begins by having you fill out the "QUESTIONNAIRE" (see link below), returning it to
Information provided by you will be verified; we will call you for an interview; references will be contacted; a home check will be done.
We will have many questions for you - openly welcoming your questions, as well.
Once approved, we will keep in contact with you during stages of breeding, pregnancy, whelping, and rearing process.

Sometime prior to the ear-crop date, we will invite you to meet the puppies.
At this time, we have
usually helped to chose what we feel is the best puppy for you ~ depending on your goals and the puppy's prospective status.
Puppies are graded according to the potential they show in every area, beginning early on and presenting consistently in the areas of
conformation, performance, a combination of these descriptors, service/therapy, or simply a wonderful obedience-trained companion.
Our puppies do not go to their new homes until they are at least 10+ weeks of age -
- after final evaluations, AND when ear-edges have healed & we have begun the posting process.
All Katoba puppies are transferred with Co-Ownership Contracts and AKC Co-Ownership Registration Papers.
This Breeder reserves breeding rights to any pertinent placement.
Pups not placed in show prospect homes are transferred with a Limited Registration & detailed spay/nueter contracts, (no exceptions).
All signed agreements will be accepted by all  parties as legal and binding.
If for ANY reason, the new home cannot or will not be keeping the puppy in their care and under their contract details,
the puppy/dog comes back to me immediately, (no exceptions), with all paperwork released.
The co-ownership Transfer Agreement (contract) & Receipt are
part of the puppy and are a strict contingency for placement.
The contract is separate from, but does include, the AKC Registration and status.
Puppy and his/her paperwork are all inclusive so that Transfer Agreement, Receipt, and Registration shall not be Bifurcated.

ALL Katoba puppies, (conformation/performance graded, or not), & their owner, are required to be obedience trained via professional training
beginning soon after transfer, and to continue through the passing of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification, (at minimum).
Please note that Dobermans are NOT a "couch potato" breed & all puppy homes are encouraged to provide a "job" for their dog in a structured, active venue.
It is important to realize that "prospects" are just that - potential successors in a specific arena(s),  with no guarantee of Championships or titles.
Patience, finance, teamwork, nature, and diligent efforts, from all parties, is expected for the dogs to achieve intended success.

If there are no Katoba puppies available at the time you contact, we will happily add you to our waiting list once you have completed the approval process.
If there are no Katoba litters pending, we will refer you to breeders/breedings that we respect.
I breed on a limited basis ...  when I hope to keep a pup from a specific pairing of genes.
I do not support "trend" or "fad" breeding; those who retail or volume breed; or those who breed outside of the Standard.
Katoba Dobermans abides by the breeding expectations contained within the AKC guidelines & the DPCA Code of Ethics.
I expect a lot from the "extended-canine-families", and I require that you remain in contact with me throughout the life of the dog.

Our beloved breed faces many health concerns ~ it is up to each buyer to be aware of what these issues are & accept the relevant possibilities;
All the health testing possible, while necessary and required of our dogs, does not guarantee the health of ANY dog nor its progeny;
autopsy/necropsy is the only tool we have to detail the total health status of a dog at time of death.
Know that a good breeder really cares about each puppy placed ~ and can only improve if kept informed about each dog.
Value the breeder who will tell you what they know about their pedigree - expect to hear of dogs afflicted by different health concerns.
If you find a pedigree that - by word of the breeder - is clear of all heath issues known to the breed,  you can be assured that breeder is NOT being honest with you.
Educate yourself before getting any dog, but especially a Doberman - it is your responsibility.
The breed appeals to many, but are not the right dog for most ...
... only those who are willing to give a considerable amount of their focused love, time, money, and emotion ... on a daily basis.