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Photos of our dogs enjoying the winter snow
A memorial tribute to Piper & Rock
Photos of Rock
The Story of a Rock Star
Photos and stories of both these events:
March 4, 2008 - The Emerald litter celebrating their first Birthday
March 4, 2009 - The Emerald Litter Celebrates their 2nd Birthday
Photos of the life of Piper
link to YouTube of Piper playing Leapfrog
Many photos and the story of me and Preacher;
link to YouTube Video of Preacher and Janette in Obedience class
Photos of Vaughn and his awesome family;
QuickTime videos
Photos of Drago;
link to the The Truth
Photos and the Story of Angus; my trip to New Mexico;
links to YouTube video;
Photos of the Roller" liter;
links to YouTube Videos
Photos of Echo
Memories of Echo's first 7 years
link to the Story of How Echo became OUR Brood Bitch
Photos of  Oz
PHotos of Sonya
Photos of Ronin
Photos of Apollo as a puppy
Photos fo Guinness as a puppy
Photos of Simon
Photos of Vedder
Photos of Logan
                                                                                      Photos of Ledger
Photos of Cahill
Photos of Tyler
Link to YouTube of Tyler on July 4th 2009

Photos of Misty
Link to YouTube: Mr B & Misty 2009 Breeding
Link to YouTube: Misty Morning Run
The full story and photo journal of the Emerald Litter
Links to all past reunions ...
... and future Events
YouTube video clip from "Eyes of an Angel", starring John Travolta and "Tripoly"
Graduation Night  2009 for Amanda Wooton
(my beautiful niece); many photos
Sara Wooton (my darling niece), takes the Silver Medall;
many photos & a link to YouTube of her floor exercise
A fun and photo filled page of Vedder's CKC Championship weekend

Daily journal and photos of the "Miss & Mister" August 1-10, 2009
Links to YouTube videos
Webpage Birthday Card for Echo's 8th.
Poem by Kathy Babbitt

The complete detailed story of the "Miss and Mister" litter;
from first thought to the whelp day
Link to YouTube to videos
The story of and MANY photos from Independance Day 09.
Link to YouTube of Ty N Ty Tug
Daily journal and photos of the "Miss & Mister" litter, August 11-31, 2009
Links to YouTube videos
Daily journal and photos of the "Miss & Mister" Sept 1-30, 2009
Daily journal and photos of the "Miss & Mister" October 1 - 30
Daily journal and photos of the "Miss & Mister" November 1 - ...
Daily journal and photos of the "Miss & Mister" December 1-31.
Links to YouTube videos

Photos of Erica

Photos of Soleil

Photos of Rhyme

Photos of Violet

Photos of Mischief

Photos of Breeze

Photos of Zzzen

Photos of Louie

Photos of Braun